Mom, Elvis, and Surfing

When I was a girl in the eighties, mom had a favorite radio station. We called it the oldies station because all of the music was from the 1950s and 1960s. I called them old because they were released way before my time. If a song is released before you were born, you can consider it old right?

The car radio was always tuned into this station, and it never left. On rare occasions, if a friend was in the car with us, I was allowed to change the station. But mostly music from Elvis, The Beach Boys, and The Beetles could be heard flowing from the speakers.

Mom still loves hearing those old songs, and if you sing with her, she will dance for you.

I once picked mom up from the nursing home on an unusually warm day. It was the middle of winter, but the sun was shining and the birds were singing. It was a nice reprieve from the cold temperatures that kept us indoors.

I chose to play one of her favorite songs from her younger days. You know the ones I call oldies. As we drove, the spring-like air blew through our hair and mom’s head danced to the music. I wondered if the music took her back in time to when she was a young woman.

Was she in a car with friends? Was the wind blowing through their hair as they drove down the highway? Was the radio cranked up with one of the top ten songs of the day?

I started to wonder what life was like for mom when she was a young woman. Did she wear the latest fashions? Did she date anyone or was my dad the only one who had her attention? Was she a planner or more of a carefree, take life as it comes kind of gal? And did she really surf in the ocean like she claimed?

I can easily get these answers from relatives. But what I really want is to hear it from her. I used to call her all the time. I’d ask her about a recipe she had given me or how to get a stain out of a shirt. I’s also ask for advice or to tell her a story from my day.

We can no longer have heart to heart conversations, but there are still things I want to know. This is where you come in, family and friends. Comment below a memory of mom. It can be from many years ago or last week.

Don’t worry about mom and me. We may no longer have heart-to-heart conversations but we do communicate. As they say “actions speak louder than words.” And using our motions and expressions to speak has brought us closer together than ever.

Don’t forget to share a memory of mom.

Oh, and can anyone tell me… Did she really surf in the ocean when she was a teenager?

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