Mom is a social butterfly


The Hat Lady

Mom is a social butterfly. It’s an amazing gift for a woman who can no longer speak. And it always amazes me.

At the beginning of this year, mom and dad moved to a new town. A few weeks later, due to unforeseen circumstances, mom moved into the nursing home. It took some time, but she has adjusted to her new surroundings.

She has a daily routine with familiar faces to give her comfort. This comfort allows her to socialize, and as she does, she leaves a lasting impact.

If the nursing home were to elect a mayor, mom would be the winner. Everyone loves her. All day, she walks the halls giving hugs and kisses to her fellow residents and caretakers.

When visiting mom, I am greeted by residents who exclaim how wonderful she is. Her nurses always tell me stories of how mom made someone laugh or how she comforted those who are hurting.

A few weeks ago, a new resident had moved into the nursing home. This beautiful woman’s family was having a hard time leaving their loved one. When mom saw them grieving, she walked over and hugged each one of them.

Mom had no idea why they were crying, but her act of kindness soothed their broken hearts, allowing them some peace with their situation. When they returned the next day, they thanked mom. I don’t know if mom remembered them, but am sure she smiled before walking away.

Mom is also known outside of the nursing home. At a restaurant, a woman approached our table and called mom by name. Mom smiled as if she had always known this person. After a few minutes of conversation – well one-sided conversation – mom’s friend bid us goodbye and left.

I have no idea who she was or how mom knows her. But this is how mom works. From the depths of her disease she reaches out to others. She makes them smile when they need it the most. And they remember her. And they love her.

If you were to meet mom today, she would greet you a great big smile and a kiss. She would make you feel loved. And you would love her too.

Social Butterfly Social Butterfly

Social Butterfly

One thought on “Mom is a social butterfly

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